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SeekerWorks.NET™ is a web-based, Church Management Software solution. To use SeekerWorks.NET™ you must log in with a local account (You can register to create a local account if you don't already have one, with email confirmation), or log in using an external authentication service (Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft). Then  create an Organization  and start using SeekerWorks.NET™ now,  free for up to 30 days . At the end of your trial, you can activate a license at the current price of $40.00 USD per Organization per month.

A™ attendee portal is also included at no extra charge. It provides a subdomain for the people in your organization to access their own data, read your blogs, browse a church directory with pictures, posts or comments on the social media forum, register for events, give online, view/listen to content in your library, purchase from your online store, and so much more! Your organization's data is available once a subdomain is set up for you.

SeekerWorks.NET™ is similar to our windows-based version downloadable from, where you can also purchase licenses and other items from our web store, and read about SeekerWorks™ and SeekerWorksPLU$™. Watch the videos on our YouTube channel, or click the YouTube icon above.

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