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SeekerWorks Inc. is a Minnesota corporation based in Big Lake, Minnesota. We provide Church Management software and hardware solutions to churches and non-profit organizations in the United States and internationally, as well as Accounting and software development services on a contract basis.

The SeekerWorks™ Project Mission:

"to provide excellent, easy-to-use software, web and other information technology services that free up organizations to reach spiritually seeking people"

We want to earn your respect, renewals, referrals, recommendations and remarks.

Daniel Wennblom, the developer and President of SeekerWorks Inc., has been developing Accounting, business and non-profit software since 1985, mostly for national and international Fortune 500/1000 clients. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a double-major in Computer Science and Accounting from Minnesota State University - Moorhead, MN (a/k/a Moorhead State University).

SeekerWorks™ began with Community Church of the Rockies (CCR) in Colorado Springs, CO in 2001. It has expanded a lot since then with Daniel's first-hand experience as its Volunteer Resources Director, a Small Group Leader, Coach and Director, as well as a Church Elder and Treasurer. With strong encouragement from CCR and other churches, SeekerWorks™ has become a superior product. It is our hope it will in fact free you up to reach those who need Christ.